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April 30, 2009


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After 10 yrs of hiring lawn care this summer, I'm buying an electric mower & doing it myself.

Yeah, the economy pushed me to do it, but I always felt the cost was ridiculous ($35/mow of my small 1/3 acre lot) and I got mad that they always tore up the lawn with their commercial riding equipment that they usEd even if the ground was wet (my lot slopes, too).

Especially when the last guys I hired swore they'd mow it with a hand mower and then they didn't and they also kept cutting the grass too short and killed swaths of it.

I'm happy to keep paying for housecleaning, but lawn mowing? Not worth it for what you get.

It can be pretty lucrative. When my uncle retired, he picked up several lawn mowing jobs to make extra $$. He used a riding mower, so it wasn't intense labor.

Another relative hired a town firefighter to cut her grass. Definitely a side job that would fit around his work shifts...

My husband wrote a post a while back about how he "paid for our whole life" by mowing the lawn. An exaggeration, of course, but we've saved a lot of money! (And that money can be used for other stuff.)

Hi, great post.
An great example of earning money mowing is Jim's Mowing Service. Jim has written an autobiography about how he went from mowing lawns as a kid, to building the biggest mowing franchise in Australia, that covers almost every suburb on the continent.

I did landscaping throughout high school and college. I got a free tan, exercise, and money for college. Hmm, maybe I should start it up again!

50K for a 12-16 year old? Whoa!

When my folks pay people to mow and trim their lawn, it usually runs them from $10-25. Kids in groups will do it awfully cheap and quick.

I have a neighbor who lost his job who offered to mow my 3/4 acre for $30. I didn't have the time last weekend to do it myself and it has grown up pretty quick with all the nice weather we've had, so I might just take him up on it to save myself the trouble of push mowing my ridiculously dense grass this time.

I am cutting two of my neighbors lawns for $25 each. It takes roughly 20-30 minutes to cut and trim each lawn. I will be hard at it today since it has rained almost all this week.

The question I have is why would I want to mow my lawn? My time is much too valuable to be wasted on that. Last year, I decided to outsource this activity to a professional company. I pay the professional company $30/week (April - September) to mow, hedge, and fertilize the lawn. The lawn looks fantastic, and I don't waste the 3+ hours per week doing it myself. I can focus that time playing with my kids or working on my professional job (which more than covers this expense). I have colleagues at work who slay themselves in the office, and then spend 5 hours on the weekends slaying their lawns. I safely avoid that and instead can read a book in the same amount of time (a good investment in my mind) or take my kids to a museum (good investment in time and enriching my mind).

i have 30 yards right now and each one is paying 25 dollars. did you put the money in bank or have to hold onto it so the irs doesnt get involved. i am a college student just trying to stay out of debt. thanks!

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