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April 22, 2009


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It's unclear if the $100k is total revenue, total profits, take home salary, pre-tax salary, etc. Does she need to divide the $100k among the 3 workers?

"Absolutely Pampered Pets will visit your home to walk your dog for a fee of $16-$18 per visit. A surcharge applies to each additional cat or dog. Clients usually schedule between two and four visits per day when they are out of town"

Four visits per day!? To walk a dog? There are some truly stupid people in this country.

I've been reading Parade Magazine's "What People Earn" issue since I was 10. Over time though I've come to the conclusion that only about half of those figures are representative of reality. The rest are several standard deviations away from the norm.

Does that lady really make $100,000 a year walking dogs? Yeah, she probably does. Is the median income of a dog walker 100K? Heck no. If that was the average income, people would be falling over each other trying to be dog walkers. I'd be in on that action if I thought that I could realistically pull 6 figs walking dogs.

The "when they're out of town" part is important. I assume they're also feeding and watering the dog in that case.

They're basically competing with kennels, which pretty much start at $30/day and go up, sometimes way up.

I don't know anyone who pays for a service like that, *shrug*

Dog walking can be very profitable. If you're a go getter, love dogs, and want to be your own boss, make good money, and keep your own schedule you should seriously consider dog walking.

I met a professional dog-walker in Manhatten. She gave me the impression that many in her career in NYC make over $100K/year.

100K in St. louis is more like $200K in NYC and not $300K

Becca --

It's $242k according to CNN Money (St. Louis versus Manhattan), so you're closer to being right than I am. Still, the point holds.

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I want to get paid to walk dogs!

I'm not buying it. With 3 employees including the owner, they'd each have to walk or house sit an awful lot of dogs each day for the owner to make that much money. Maybe that's gross income for the business but even so, she's working a lot of hours to get it.

She said in an interview she submitted her info to Parade because she thought it would be good advertising. I think she padded the figure.

one ALWAYS has to work hard to make good $$.
No revelation here.

I work EXTREMELY hard and its is very easy to make $300 a day - thats only $16 visits, less if you have overnights or keep pets at your house. no padding I had to pay about $20k in taxes!!!!!

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