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April 21, 2009


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The beauty of a 'M l M'company or business is you don't have to do MultiLevel to earn money.
Direct sales with good customer/client service can provide a income to make a change in your balance sheet, not including tax breaks, write offs.

10 yrs direct sales have provided an stay at home income for this Dad.

I am a part of Fortune High Tech Marketing. We are a network marketing company that makes life more convenient. We don't sell products there is no buying tons of crap to pack in your garage. We act as the "middle man" between a customer and the companies they use everyday. There is no extra fee or money to pay all the customer does is route their existing account through the FHTM site and then they can sit back and enjoy upto 25% off of their bill. You actually save them money. Whats not to love? It is a great way to earn extra income and the best part is that you can start making money within days.

Simply put, I'd bet MORE folks LOSE $$ than make $$ doing M L M.
Still reminds me of the Amway guy and Avon lady of 30+ years ago, but, I'll admit, imagine if you work hard at ANYTHING you WILL be succcessful. Still doubt anybody is gonna get hundreds (or more) dollars for a little work, it rarely works that way in life so M L M ers, please try to convince me otherwise?! I hear the ads ALL day for the "3 step plan", etc, etc, I see the Mary Kay lady, etc., etc., ....I was self-employed as a financial planner for 16+ years and until the final year, NEVER worked less than 45~ hours a week, 50's,60's hours being the norm...SO WHO is making good money ($25 an hour or MORE) working "limited part time" w/ MLM (less than 10 honest hours a week)????

My wife has at least 10 different acquaintances who sell or are starting to sell Mary Kay. She gets a tad annoyed when she gets 7 of the same catalogs in the mail from the different consultants trying to get her to host a party or come to a sample thing. She says some make money and others just spend a lot of money getting all the samples ready.

As for my wife, she took her Photography skills and started a photography studio and is doing quite well for 10-15 hours a week.

I think MLM has a bad reputation, but there are some great opportunities out there. The main reason people fail at MLM is because they do not have the right expectation and dont understand MLM's. I have done a lot of research on MLM and there are some good companies with very good products/services out there. I have been involved with one have kept my costs very low and last yea made a decent income of $1120 in about 7 months with costs about $200 including one time registration fee.

I think MLM is great for extra income, if you willing to do some research and work. A few months ago i wrote a lengthy post on MLM.

There are a lot of legitimate MLM or as they call themselves, direct selling opportunities. What I found in my research though is that the ones who make big bucks are those who focus just as much or more on recruiting new sales reps as selling the products themselves. In most (but not all) of these organizations if you recruit people you either get a % of their sales, or your own commission % goes up. So these organizations can be good for a little extra money, but if you really want to make big money like some of the women cited in the article you have to be a good recruiter. Which is not for everyone.

I think there are certainly *better* MLM's out there. Avon and Mark Kay seem to be among the better ones. But still I doubt most people make much if any money off these. A lot of people are not cut out for sales.

I think Avon & Mary Kay probably work better than most MLM cause they have a decent quality product. Many MLM's are selling utter garbage at over inflated prices.

But its not a get rich scheme. Consider this, the article quote above says there are 2 million Mary Kay salespeople. Mary Kay's website said they had $2.4 billion in total sales in 2007. That works out to roughly $1200 in sales per salesperson on average. Then subtract costs and company profit and your average Mark Kay sales person is maybe making a few hundred.

The "trick" to success with an MLM is the same as any business: work on it consistently and treat it like a business not a hobby. If someone does put regular effort into it, an MLM is great because you don't have to reinvent the business wheel - you just promote and sell.

Another great benefit of being involved in MLM's is that they usually have great business and personal development no cost!

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