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April 17, 2009


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I have never paid for a storage unit but I have gone to several auctions. You'd be amazed at some of the stuff you can get! Once the avid flea market type buyers get what they want, there is still a lot of left over goodies to pick up.

The last one I went to....I bought the contents of the unit for $100. We weren't allowed to open any boxes, and there wasn't really much filling the unit but we could see a bike and guitar case. For me, the bike alone was worth the $100. Well, I won the auction and got a lot of crap, BUT I also got some Howdie Doodie(sp) collectibles, a Fender guitar(rusted but still sellable), clothes that fit my kids still with tags on them and a ton of other little odds and ends. A lot of the boxes were thrown out but we made just over $500 off the unit by selling the smaller items on Ebay and the larger items to people locally.

Heck, if I get laid off, I'm going straight to an auction! LOL

My husband is a packrat kind of guy. Whenever I try to get rid of something, he says "What if I need it again in a month (year, decade)" or, the equally popular "That was the first computer (disk drive, server, record player) I ever bought! I've had that for 30 years."

We spent $180 a month for a storage unit for 3 years before I convinced him to spring clean it and get rid of the unit. It's nice not having the bill. We haven't noticed a difference at all in not having all that stuff. Of course, he still laments my tossing out of the 8 1/2" floppy disks he had (?????).

I had an off-site storage unit for 3-4 years once. We lived in a big open factory loft space that was gorgeous but had zero out-of-sight storage. It wasn't a huge inconvenience (I usually went once a week to pick-up and drop-off stuff) and we were able to renegotiate a nice monthly rate once we had been there for a years and got to know the facility managers.

My wife used to work for public storage in southern new jersey and she did a TON of these! and this was over 3 years ago!

most of the time people would come clean out a space and leave one or two things in there, but still keep the stupid thing! my wife and i would often joke about paying $50 a month to store one chair in the storage space. :P

The great deal we had was that, when she became a property manager, we got an apartment that was on site for FREE!! Well...she actually just received a smaller salary to compensate the company for an excellent apartment for 2 adults and 1 child. this is something that they don't really do any more though, unfortunately, but it was great while we just had the one kid and while it lasted!

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