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April 15, 2009


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Good numbers, I should make myself available for consultancy as well.

"120—Average number of days a U.S. taxpayer will work each year to pay tax liabilities."

The Tax Foundation calculates the "tax freedom day" which is the date by which we'd have to work to pay all the taxes. They figure it as April 13th for 2009 so thats 103 working days. Plus note that they include any and all taxes paid in the US including corporate income taxes and payroll taxes which we do not pay directly as individuals.

And of course most of us don't actually pay the average since the average is skewed high by the very wealthy who make a lot more than us.

I'm guessing that Billshrink is citing an old number from the Tax Foundation. Their figure was 120 days back in 2001.

That's assuming we all work a 7 day work week. Each year has around 255 business days. April 13, 2009 would be inclusive of just over 70 business days.

Unofficially known as “Divorce Day” because of the sharp increase in federal filings after plotting spouses have access to uploaded financial information

This one doesn't make a whole lot of sense. For one thing, divorces aren't generally filed for in federal courts.

What they mean by "Divorce Day" is that the spouse that wants to leave now has access to the money information the other spouse may try to hide from them when divorce papers are sent. In many families there is one spouse that takes care of all the money while the other (usually the wife) doesn't have a clue.

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