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April 14, 2009


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I'm going to pull an FMF and address each of these:

House - have one, don't need one.
Car - have two (both recently paid off), don't need one.
Vacation - happy taking time off at home.
Toys - have too many. Don't need any.
High-dividend stocks - already doing that. Don't need anymore.
A laptop - have three. Don't need any.
Diamonds - have plenty. Don't need any.
Women's clothing - I'm a man. Don't need any (but will when my wife gets to her target weight later this year).
A Television - Have four. Don't need any.
Furniture - Have all I need. Don't need any.

I think I will just continue to save and pay off the rest of my debt. Materialism has lost its grip on me.

I don't see why they have a laptop on that list. The article cites a 13% drop in personal computer prices from a year ago. But that is normal. Computer prices have been steadily dropping every year. Its basically a rule that if you wait a year you can get a better, faster computer for cheaper. The recession isn't going to cause computer prices to drop that much compared to the normal trend.

I'm so glad you made this entry, because oddly enough, it seems that I am on a shopping spree lately and last year!

Not that I had intended to, but with so many great deals out there right now, I've been making a lot of consumer purchases. A new TV, Blu-Ray player, clothing, video games, and now, I am maybe in the market for new audio speakers....

We've been looking for another house for three years, and I still think the real estate market has a long way to go before we hit bottom. A long way. I might buy next year, but will continue to look for a great deal this year. So far everything we see is still so overpriced, even bank-owned foreclosures.

Definitely take the kids to Hawaii over Disneyland. Hawaii is so magical, beautiful, and special - in an analog way. Disneyland's "magic" is just produced and loud with no culture or true beauty. And yes, you can get some great deals to Hawaii this year. Go to Maui. It would be the perfect contrast to your vacation to Chicago. America is so diverse - a big, thriving city like Chicago to a small tropical island paradise.

I'll spend some money traveling this year, probably to Europe and to New Zealand. We have a LOT of airline miles! Otherwise, we have everything we need.

1,10) I've been planning on buying a house for several years now. Just waiting to get work in the right area -- no sense in owning a house 1200 miles from work. Will buy furniture when I have a house for it, and even then I'll probably do a lot of thrift store shopping.

2) Already have a pair of cars, less than 5 years old each. Low mileage, well maintained, and they work for what I use them for.

3) My idea of the best vacation EVAR is to go camping (in a cabin) with my wife and our D&D books. Since my family owns a cabin in the Colorado mountains and I already own my D&D books, this won't get particularly more expensive over time.

4,6,7,8,9) Don't need any more toys, definitely don't need diamonds, and my wife shops at Value Village and does just fine for herself. I don't watch TV; netflix works on my computer. No interest in a laptop at this time.

5) Stocks in general. High-dividend stocks are a good buy right now, but so are index funds and such.

The main thing I'm thinking of splurging on is a private pilots license (actually, 2 of them.)

Of the ten items listed by Forbes, I find 2 of value and the rest a waste of time and money.

Assets make you money, liabilities cause market crashes... I'll pass thank you.


I am a college student that needs almost all of these things but lacks the money...where should i start?! ..or should i?


you do not "need" most of these things. Most of these items are luxury items that, if you plan to buy them with your excess money, will be at a better price now than in the future due to the down market. This doesn't make them good investments (like CW seems to think they should be) or "must-have" items, just items that are going to be on a relative sale for the next little while.

As a college student, I'd recommend you start by paying down any debts you have and learning to live cheaply (a must-have skill for most college students.)

If you are seriously considering a new laptop make sure that you take a look at a few "netbooks". Small, easy on energy and safe for the whole family. I think Wired had a great article last month about them.

#5 is so important right now! I've been putting additional cash into high yield stocks and cheap mutual funds!

Fuel prices across the country are shocking people into looking into ways they can improve fuel economy. While it might seem like buying a new hybrid vehicle or subcompact that doesn't use a lot of fuel would be the best solution

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