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April 22, 2009


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I would have to agree with you on Solomon, and I would add Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Robert K. Author of the book series "Rick Dad, Poor Dad", and last for me but far from least, God.

Exactly. Even without reading all the finance books, following Solomon will help you a long way.

Satchel Paige. He said "Don't look back, something may be gaining on you."

And my mom. She was wise about money.

Definately my father. He taught me price per pound at the grocery store when I was little, got me into loving math, and used to give me the money from mail in rebates if I would fill them out. (I still have the letter from the first rebate I got back, $1.00 from a roll of duck tape.)

Second would be Dave Ramsey, 3rd Warren Buffet, and probably Tim Ferris too. Tim Ferris is definately the oracle of the time vs. money scenario.

Me... yeah, I said it. I never read any books but always had an obsession with saving and never went into credit card debt, and because I got married young, I grew up faster and was forced to learn about finances a lot younger. My parents didn't teach me anything, but I thought it all to myself... My goal is to have someone say that I was their biggest financial influence.

A lot of different people. Trent at the Kiyosaki had some influence. Your Money, Your Life (I may have the title backwards), a ton of other books. I will definitely check out Solomon's Proverbs - after Ecclesiastes.

I thought Emily saying her parents didn't teach her anything was ... interesting!

Very nice blog you have here!

The 5 people who had the most influence
1. My Mum and Dad - who taught me to study hard and go to Uni and and taught me nothing about finances, but about the value of helping people
2. Robert Kiyosaki - who taught me about making passive income
3. Richard Branson - who taught me it is ok to start many businesses rather then just one that you have to stick to forever
4.Roger Hamilton and his wealth profile startegy for building effective teams
5. My Mentor Hercules (yes his real name) who taught me how to find my flow to enable me to live my true passion

My Grandfather-Invested for my college yrs
My Mom - Has a way of turning $1 into $3
Albert Einstein - "Compound interest is the most powerful force on earth"
Bob Brinker
Ray Lucia, CFP

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