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April 10, 2009


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here is a suggestion
some time ago there was a balanced report on healthcare in other countries germany, england and japan and i will focus on a country they wanted to provide universal healthcare..mri machines..the ones that were avaliable where VERY expensive half million and up made in the Japan built their, panasonic..whatever..the point is they made them a hellva lot cheaper in their own country thus bringing down the cost of one in the USA has yet to buy these machines..only the cadillac of MRI machines for us (no GM pun intended) but why not use the ones made in japan?..i hurt my back use the cheaper mri machine..i may have cancer use the cadillac saved hint: the affordable mri machine will see the cancer too

I just started using the FSA account offered by our company. It's defnitely helped level out health care expenses, which had been a point of frustration in the past. I also expect it to alleviate stress when my wife delivers our first baby next month.

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