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April 08, 2009


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You have to know the country well to do it. It would be best if you had someone you trusted who lives there. I have family in Costa Rica and still I wouldn't fly down there for a procedure unless I was desperate. You can, however, save an enormous amount of money by looking within the US.

My sister-in-law flew down to Mexico a couple of years back for some dental work. Saved a bundle and was able to stay there for a two week vacation with my nephew. She and two friends made a vacation of it with their kids, in fact.

Also, my parents have several friends who do the same, as they are seniors and just don't have the same benefits as they used to while in the workforce.

Just a note, speaking from a Canadian perspective.

I really hope none of my fellow US citizens respond that they have done this or would consider it. I'm shocked at the lack of patriotism. You should stay here and support American jobs and American companies. We have the best health care system in the world and then people like that have to go and undermine it.

Many people have benefited by having medical treatment in INDIA which provides world-class services (Many US hospitals have Dr. and nurses from India). Recently I read article at, where someone from US got Heart treatment in New Delhi INDIA at $3900 which would cost him $40,000 here

Read this too:

Yeah, I think I'll go with the "if I can get something just as good for one-tenth the cost, to heck with patriotism" theory here.

Research must be done on any medical procedure, especially one in the great white wherever they might be. But certainly this is worth looking into if I ever need anything like that.

Even with insurance.


Your patriotism is really misplaced. We all know that the American medical system is in bad shape, overcharges, underdelivers, and bankrupts many in the US. Now THAT is unpatriotic. For those who are un(der)insured how can you expect them to pay more just out of patriotism? Do you just file a 1040EZ because paying more on your taxes is patriotic? Nope, cause that would just be replacing 'patr' with 'id'.

The US does have the best healthcare if you're rich and have awesome insurance. However, for the average person, the US is a far cry from the best and when it comes to value, one of the worst.


You need to get out of my country. It's whiners like you that are dragging us down. Go abroad, get your substandard socialist healthcare and stay there.

I feel like Joe is being purposefully antagonistic. No one could hold that view for real...

Medical tourism to Hyderabad (India) is pretty popular. And why not? You get some of the worlds best doctors for, as someone mentioned, a tenth of the cost. You would be an idiot to not go this route.

Until the American health care system can care for its weak without putting them in the poor house... I think we will continue to see a rise in medical tourism.

And Uri ... what's wrong with Costa Rica's health care? IMO, they are just fine.

Thailand has a fantastic private hospital system. You can stay in hospitals that look like 5 star hotels for about $400 per night. Lot's of bargains relative to the US. However I'm only using the service somewhat living out here. Thinking of getting some cosmetic minor surgery... why not?


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