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April 27, 2009


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I agree with your thoughts. Yes it is difficult to recommend for a person if we don't have any idea about her. If I was in the position, I will never recommend like you because of not having any knowledge about her job knowledge, but, I will convince my friend, the HR manager, about the situation she is facing and try to keep the position maximum flexible for selecting her.

This approach eliminate the direct requesting difficulties and also eliminate the difficulties if she is not getting the job later.

any thoughts on this, welcom

The Money Maniac

I think you should be an honest reference for her. I've been a reference for friends before. Sometimes more professional sometimes more personal.

I don't really have a problem with being a reference for people. When people have called me about the reference and asked me how I know such and such a person I told them what I knew. If I couldn't comment on someone's work life because I didn't work with them I made that clear. In the end, it's up to the hiring manager if they want or need more professional references.

I think you should lie in your teeth to suit the particular needs of the applicant just like the politicians do. Forget honor, truthfulness and consequences. You can lie your way out of that too (just like the politicians do). Oh yeah - and forget about conscience. After a while it won't bother you anymore (just like the politicians).
Cynical? You bet, But what's the difference? It's a new world under our Glorious Leader!

I think you're right on with your guidelines. That's how I handle references. The only thing you've left out is the answer to this question: What do you tell a person who asks you to be a reference for them, but you don't think you'd have much to say that would be helpful?

Beth --

I'd be honest with them about what I could and couldn't comment on and let them decide to keep me or not as a reference.

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