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April 13, 2009


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smartypig has a great rate

Why not?

Oink oink!

I'd like the $50.

I've been meaning to sign up with Smartypig. This would be the perfect thing! BTW, I def. follow u on twitter!

Here Smarty Pig. Pig Pig Pig

I like muny. I'm in!

Hook Me Up!

In early...yay! Thanks!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Count me in


I love SmartyPig. It's an awesome way to save for things.

Hey, $50 would make up (a teeny tiny little bit) for that 10% pay cut my company has just implemented!

Ready to win and open up my Smarty Pig account!

Would love $50 to start a savings goal on some new home landscaping.

I heart smarty pigs.

put me in coach I'm ready to play!

me too

I love bacon! SmartyPig rocks!

I've started looking into Smarty Pig they look pretty good.

Smartypig already helped me buy a new washing machine. Summer taxes are next, followed by a new roof for my house!

Sooooo Eeeeeee!

Please add me in.

i'm in.

This would be nice!

Thanks so much for another generous offer!

FMF is great!

Im in this contest.

Leaving my comment so that I can get my $50.

Count me in!


Whoa pig. Hook me up.

Here's my entry

FMF & Smarty Pig - a winning combination! Thanks!

Thank you

Count me in!

Count me in, Go free money...


sign me up! Thanks!

Me! Me! Meeeee!

I've been meaning to give this site a try. Count me in!

Thanks for another great giveaway opportunity.
Keep up the good posts and giveaways.

I will like Smarty Pig, if I win

$50 would be nice to have.

Sign me up please! Thanks!

Count me in too!

Sounds good! thanks!

I've never tried SP before.

I was just trying to remember the name of the smarty pig site this morning. I wanted to start an account towards saving for a new roof that we will need. So please count me in here as well as my twitter account!

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