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May 19, 2009


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Regarding the drive to work, another option for some of us would be to start taking the bus, carpooling, or riding a bike. It's hard to stop for that morning latte if you don't control the commute schedule or you don't have hands free to carry it. Besides that, there's the obvious advantage of saving on fuel, maintenance, and parking.

I enjoy my morning bus ride and my evening bike home.

#97. I have one of those smartstrips myself for our computer setup. I figured that I'm saving $18 a year in electricity so it will pay for itself in about 18 months.

The key benefit is that your appliances won't 'leech' power in standby mode. A lot of electronics still draw 5-10W even when they are off in standby.

You can get the same impact by using a power strip and making sure to flip the off switch on the switch every day. But for myself and others, it easy to forget so having it done automatic will save you in the log run.

I live in Iowa. It is pretty cheap here, despite the property taxes. And contrary to popular belief, it isn't that bad if you can grow a thick skin in January-February.

Iowa is beautiful...if you can get a job. I grew up in Northwest Iowa and half my graduating class ended up in Minneapolis.

It does explain all the car/driving tips on that list, though - living in the city costs more in mortgage/insurance but some years it's evened out by cheap/free entertainment, bike commuting, and cheapass vacations to visit the nature we miss in our daily lives.

You probably don't want to power off your cable box. The newer digital ones have to reload data every time they are unplugged. Takes around 5 - 10 min. each time.

"You probably don't want to power off your cable box. The newer digital ones have to reload data every time they are unplugged. Takes around 5 - 10 min. each time."

this is true - a major PITA.

#36 is great...especially giving the gift of babysitting. It is my absolute favorite gift right now...particularly if the gift is to take our daughter overnight!

I also live in Iowa and like it. It will depend of course on what one's interests are. I enjoy travel during my time off, and since the cost of living is low I have much more money available for long distance travel vacations. To me this is a worthwhile trade off. For city entertainment one can take weekend trips to Chicago or Minnesota.

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