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May 18, 2009


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Sweepstakes Advantage is by far the best site for sweepstakes entry. This site is also 100% unlike the other one mentioned. Good Luck to everyone!

I love the tip on relaxing your jaw.
I'm so bad I have to wear a retainer at night, otherwise, there would be nothing left of my teeth!
I think clenching one's jaw is a sign that you're holding things in.

Thanks! Love this post.

is there anything like roboform for a MAC??

Great post! And great point about saving money on window coverings. Most online retailers allow you to take percentages off products each month.

Some of these make sense, others less so. Books like this are only useful if the tips are practical. Since each individual/household is unique, not every one of the thousands of tips will work. I take what I can use so there may still be some ideas I haven't thought of before.

neat book

can I get a copy?

I am in

This sounds like a great book. I'm sure that I can use some of these tips.

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