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May 05, 2009


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That's a very generous offer. I just signed up.

Can't wait for the drawing. Thanks.

Consider donating them to your local library in the future. If they add them to their collection then many people can benefit from your donation.

DOes it work for people in Canada ?

Anna --

Yes, I'll ship them to Canada if you win. :-)

FYI in case I'm not the only one...I subscribed to your newsletter when you first posted about it a month back or so and have yet to receive one, I just signed up again and hope it works.. I know it didnt go to my junk box because I check that everyday to be sure I dont miss anything.

Rob --

Send me the email you signed up with and I can check my list to verify you're on. You should have received two newsletters by now -- one for April and one for May (just out this week.)

Wow! This is a fantastic giveaway. I'll definitely look for this in June!

That was generous on your part. Keep it up.
I would prefer to pass it round with the condition the taker must read the book and pass it to the next one.

These finance books look interesting. Thanks for the great offer.

sounds like some interesting books

I would love to add all these books to my library. Thanks for the offer.

the books sound like great reads

Sounds like a lot of great books.

I am in

Reading. A great part of any financial plan.

Thanks for sharing!

Reading is FUNdamental

This sounds like a great giveaway. There is something to be learned from thest books.

I like to read

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