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May 23, 2009


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The actions of your executor, trustee or agent under a power of attorney are subject to a rigid and sometimes unforgiving legal standard. It is easy unintentionally to run afoul of those rules.

I Think it is really important for all of us to do these things as it helps people to plan well for future. In case of any emergency these things will ensure that there are no hitches with regards to money being used by the rightful owner. Most of these can be done for other products as well.Thanks for sharing.

Family harmony is a great point. I have seen so many people refuse to do planning stating their children will work it out. That is the worst thing you can do to siblings. Each sibling will have different views of what should be done and fights usually ensue. The family ends up in horrible disharmony even to the point of not talking to one another ever again.

Planning your estate is your gift to your family.

Fantastico......I needed all 4 of your articles since I am about to form a AB trust for me and my wife. I do not need it due to family issues or asset levels, but to protect assets from my real estate businsess of buying bankrupt homes and renting them out!


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