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May 21, 2009


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Weddings might be one of the biggest rackets out there - especially considering how may ultimately fail. I mean, would you invest 20k into something that had a 50% chance of total loss? Perhaps a jaded way to look at it, but marriage is also a financial agreement between two parties.

Keep in mind that this is the average price and that a few very expensive weddings will skew that high. The median price is much more realistic measure of a typical wedding and median costs are closer to $10-15k range.

HIG - only $40 of the $20,000 is an investment in the marriage (I think thats about what a license cost). The other $19,960 is the cost (not investment) of pretty and fun stuff.

My wedding cost 2.5k, including everything - food, flowers, DJ, my dress and DH's tux. It was a beautiful ceremony at a lake. I honestly don't know HOW to spend 20k, or even just 10k if I had that kind of money! And I thought we spent more money than we should have, ha!

in Canada, the average wedding cost 50K

If I had to do it again, I would seriously consider a Vegas wedding. The wedding chapels at the hotels are really kind of nice. Airfare and hotel are resonalbe as well.

We had Costco flowers for our wedding -- my bridesmaids and I arranged them the morning of the big day. It was nice to have something to do other than stress over little things! Not to mention we had a ton of flowers for not a lot of money!

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