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May 18, 2009


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Where do you propose people find clients?

Just curious, as that is a GREAT side income to earn. Would consider sending that information to my sister... just want to see what you have to say about finding clients!


$15/dog per day? So people are paying $75/week, $300/month for this? Talk about a "latte factor".

Great post!
I'm forwarding to a friend of mine who is retiring soon and has been thinking of doing this for quite some time.
He doesn't want to own a pet, but likes animals.

Andy, it really could be the next "latte factor"; except the difference is you can do without a latte. Many pet owners can't make it home at regular times to take care of their pups. Perhaps some of them should have thought it through before they picked Rover out.

But that's ok. My friend Liz actually did this for a while and made pretty good money; unfortunately after a knee injury (unrelated) she had to give it up; the walking was just too hard on her. I think she was only charging like $10/dog (per day), but still it was pretty good money.

She found a guide (ebook thing) that had all the forms and what not in it; this is the link she sent me about it.

The best place to advertise for her was at salons in ritzier neighborhoods and grocery stores around the same. She just made up some nice flyers and put them up with the little tear off strips with her name & email. It seemed like during them summer she was complaining almost every day about having to replace flyers; although I guess since the phone calls were coming in, she should have just sucked it up.

I'll mail her a link to this post to see if she has any more to add.

While visiting New York last year, my wife and I came upon a professional dog walker on Park Avenue who said $100K+ is easy in Manhattan. Lots of folks with $$$ who have dogs in high rises. I found that interesting.

There's a lot of crossover between dog walkers and pet sitters, since people who work also take vacations. I think you need a combo of both to really make living at it. There is a year or so before you build up enough customers, too. My best sources of new clients are my web site ( and word of mouth by client referrals, vet offices and boarding kennels. Kennels refer to me when they are fully booked. I also refer to them when I am full!

$15 a dog walk (half hour), or $75 a week, is pretty much the going rate out here in CA.

Expect to be busiest with pet sitting during holidays. Dog-walking slows down because people are home, but the pet sitting visits can make up for it.

Terry Albert

My blog for pet sitters:

Do you need any tpye of license or insurance to start a dog walking or pet sitting business in CA?

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