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May 13, 2009


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How about focus group?

I would add taking surveys, performing web searches (Swagbucks), viewing ads (YouData), completing bank offers, reading emails (Hits4Pay), and other online methods. Some of these don't pay very much, but they sure are easy and don't require much time at all. You can read more about these methods and more on my blog ("Make Money Online" page).

Funny, I commented about that list in a post. Many of the tips weren't good options for me. I think I could realistically benefit from about 3 of them.

All of the suggestions would work but for long term success building a content rich website or blog that attracts plenty of free traffic from the search engines will result in a successful online business that can continue earning you money indefinately.

How about renting out your stuff to your community - tools, party accessories, costumes, cameras, etc. makes it really easy. Just register and post. It's a new community site that provides a myriad of opportunities for neighbors to connect.

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