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May 22, 2009


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Here's mine

Franchise-level engine developer and startup bootstrapper. Software in over 100M devices worldwide and off-world. Led dev and QA teams in three continents.

Pig out, don't work out, drink, carouse, and still look great! Digital retoucher can fix you up like the celebrities she works on.

IT Manager passionate about using outside-the-box original thought to streamline your IT infrastructure increasing efficiency & saving money

Did I mention that I promise not to date your daughter?

Do I have the job?

haha, nice. who thought twitter could teach us so much ;) I suppose I shall add mine here too:

Dedicated & passionate human specializing in customer support & project management, with a flair for graphic design on the side.

Wow, what an exercise. I thought I had already shrunk it as much as possible. Click on my web site to compare.

Shallie bey
Smarter Small Business Blog

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