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May 01, 2009


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Great article - well said. And very interesting to compare ourselves with:)!

I was trying to find the article (I think I read it in the Washington Post a while ago) about George Foreman's comeback. His story is one of an athlete who lost everything, and was forced to make a boxing comeback in middle age when everyone thought it was impossible. He's regained his feet financially, and has talked about how he is careful about his finances and managing his spending.

So it's possible for celebrities and athletes to go the other way, too. :)


I'm sure that one other event that helped wreck Kim Basigner's financial situation is her divorce - the lawyers I'm sure leeched all they could get and then some like they do to every person who finds themselves in family court.

Poor Gary - apparently, he is a security guard now?
My hear goes out to him and any other child star who didn't have the proper guidance.
Too much, too soon ...

party like a rockstar and dont watch your money sounds like the american dream.i dont feel sorry for them,besides reality tv is waiting for them all

" reality tv is waiting for them all"
LOL - unfortunately most of the reality shows expect stars to play for charity. About the only show I know that pays stars real money is Dancing With the Stars. But it's not a earth-shattering amount:

Maybe they'll write a book or have a movie based on their life story?

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