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May 04, 2009


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Very cool... some nice additions to what was included in the money blog network.

I think it's a great idea... I can now read more of my favorite blogs in one place, plus I can never get enough PF articles.

Great work, FMF! The idea makes a lot of sense, and the implementation is just awesome (looks, functionality).
P.S. no iwillteachyoutoberich? Hmm, why does this not surprise me?

What a group! I'm excited to see how this works out.


It would be great if the network's RSS feed had full articles... please?

Yes full articles please! :)

so has this replaced the moneyblognetwork? can't seem to pull that up and it would make perfect sense with the rolling out of the moneytipsnetwork. just wanted to make sure before i change my bookmark.

Whatever --

Yes, it replaces the MBN.

Others --

For those of you wanting full feeds, you can request that over at Wise Bread, but I'm not sure that's happening at this time.

FMF - There doesn't seem to be a way to comment or request a full RSS feed over at Wise Bread (and I don't want to request on the non-MTN blog)? Is there a URL where we can request it over there?

Andrew --

Use the main Wisebread contact URL here:

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