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May 10, 2009


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Haha, funny stuff. The dance breaks are by far the best. They actually aren't too bad!

You were worried about posting the video but it works perfect. Funny skit - reminds me of "Baby's got book" - similiar in nature - gotta google it to watch - it is hilarious!!

Maybe you can comment on where the straight 10% tithe came from and why it hasn't changed? Why does the church have such a regressive "flat tax"? 10% is so much harder for poor people than rich people to come up with. Seems the rich could pay more, while the poor need to keep more of their income for basics.

MC --

Your best bet is to go through my past articles on the subject. Browse through this category for what I've said previously:

That was awesome!! I forwarded the link to a bunch of my coworkers including our two priests!!

Word up!! God is good all the time! Tithing is the fi-shizzle! :-)

we want to do this at our church where did you get the music and etc.

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