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June 09, 2009


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I think this blog entry makes a highly valuable point.

My belief is that what matters when trying to save money is motivation. Most saving blogs focus on providing tips on how to spend less. There's of course great value in that. But the big problem is that only those already converted to the wisdom of saving pay any attention and that's a small percentage of the population.

If all people were motivated to save, ALL of us would be reading the saving tips. And this would be a better world.

And there is no reason why everyone should not be HIGHLY motivated to save. Saving brings financial freedom. Who doesn't want to be more free?

The problem is that the conventional saving goals provide little motivation. We tell people to save so that they will be able to retire in 40 years. Boring.

Saving well can change a person's life in all sorts of wonderful ways. Effective savers are just people who happened to discover this reality. Once we want to save, we seek out good information on HOW to do it. Once we are looking for it, we find that there is a lot of good stuff out there.

The desire to save needs to be more intense.


Great article! I fully agree with the "re-framing" advice. I am saving for a home right now and all of this is exactly what I need to be reading. Thanks!

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