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June 01, 2009


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Nice job putting together the carnival. I went ahead and submitted it to Tip'd. Here's the link for anyone that wants to "tip" it:

Thanks for putting this together. Great Monday morning reading!

Great idea adding a filter, so much chaff out there that some of the carnivals are so huge they are unreadable. Tipd it!

Great choices for some great articles - good diversity in style and content!

I'm honored to be included in the first ever Best of Money Carnival! Thank you for the selection, creating the carnival, and the hard work of reading through all of the selections.

Thanks for the inclusion, I am honored!

You own! Not only a fantastic idea for a carnival, but someone who is willing to do the work and have the clout to launch it well.

Awesome to be in the 1st ever edition. Looking forward to hosting.

Nice read about paying off debt - very timely.

Hi its a Nice Carnival. Pay through debt consolidation one of the easiest way to say goodbye to debt.

Great carnival and like Baker, I'm excited about the time when I get to host! :) I'll be letting my readers know about this carnival. Thanks for allowing my article to be part of this!

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