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June 22, 2009


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While not at all intending to criticize the services themselves, I must say that most of these businesses sound like the sort that would be very vulnerable to recession. I'd be interested to know how many of these ever turn a profit, and how many of them are still open in two years. The environment for hobby-related businesses has gotten really tough recently.

I agree with Sarah. These examples have got to be the rarest of rare exceptions.

The #1 of running a successful small business is selling something most people actually *need*. Jellyfish? Vintage pinball machines? Teddy bears? Not so much! Once you're sold stuff to the 4 people in the U.S. who are interested in these "products" and who also have the money to throw away on buying them, then what do you do?

Now coaching---that makes sense. Lots of kids' sports teams out there.

While it is very hard to turn a profit with a hobby related business, the risk is much lower. If you're into a hobby, you're going to have the equipment and supplies to do this stuff anyway. If the business doesn't work, it just goes back to being your hobby. If the business is successful, you can upgrade equipment and buy more supplies with the money. Ideally, there would be no debt associated with this stuff as well, which means the business could be idle for quite some time without financial problems. This is all assuming the person keeps their day job as well. Just my $.02.

actually mine is not a hobby when i started to sell when i was in my primary school days. me and my cousins contributed around 5 pesos, that will be around $.05 to $.10 only, we came up with a total amount of $.50..then we bought some candies, different kinds. we sold all of those during the summer season when school was out...fortunately we sold all of our products and even had more than 300% profit...i was truly ecstatic then! just my contribution to this post, thanks!

The most important is to do something you enjoy. I you are enthusiastic and stick to it, you will clear the first hurdle of any business. By actually liking what you do, you will project a positive attitude. Then the product will sell itself.

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