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June 10, 2009


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Good story. Myself and my two younger bothers were placed in a foster care group home at ages 13, 12, 11. I was there through high school and was awarded a college for free scholarship. I was able to graduate and now have a couple additional degrees. Taking advantage of this opportunity kept me from poverty and challenging situations. Life has been hard but I have made the best of it. I have a great wife and 2 handsome sons.


Congratulations of all you've done for yourself and your family.

FMFBlog....I'm really honored and touched by your kind words.


Sorry, but "appropriate spending" will not bring financial security to someone with a subsistence income.

I love those kinds of stories too! This man has a great spirit and I believe that has a lot to do with someone who either rises in adversity or one who allows circumstances to sink them below the surface. I think it's in your soul what you make of your life, not necessarily in your situation. Look at Oprah or Arnold too... :)

That's why he calls it "the basis" of financial security.

That was a great story and I love how it flies in the face of the bailout mentality people have nowadays.

This actually relates to your post in regards to new graduates finding work when they graduate. Allow me to cut and paste his 8 steps:

1. I used the resources that were available to me.
2. I was very lucky
3. I was very focused
4. When I hit a dead-end, I found a different path.
5. I looked for mentors and took direction
6. I took advantage of some opportunities and stayed away from those that didn’t fit.
7. I was very conscious of my spending.
8. I worked (and work) hard.

He had a good attitude and felt he was lucky (I question "luck" here). And he ends it with "I worked".

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