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June 08, 2009


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This points to the importance of being in the right field.

Many of us make compromises because a field that does not feel perfect for us pays more money or is easier to get into. The drawback is that you will never feel the same level of confidence doing work you weren't born to do. You may do okay. But you'll never know how well you would have done if you had been in a field where you could have developed that special level of confidence that takes you to the top. Some of us aim too low when we are young because we cannot at the time see how much potential we possess.


This is a quick tip but believe it or not, I think the #1 best way to improve appearance is to stand up straight.

#1 - Its free
#2 -It communicates self-confidence.


Done and done. ;)

I think you're right (about the study ;))--this study is more about self-confidence than about any particular trait (i.e., if having small elbows gave you self-confidence, it would find a correlation between small elbows and income). That said, I don't question that being attractive smoothes one's path in life in a number of ways (though for women especially it can be a double-edged sword at times), and I don't think it's strictly a question of the confidence you tend to get from being pursued.

Another key way to project self-confidence and be more attractive on the job----don't be defensive! And don't complain that anything is "beneath you"! Also don't verbally abuse anyone, especially someone you outrank.

Instead, smile and try to project a "I am so good at what I do that I can afford to stoop a little and to be nice" vibe.

People who whine about how they're not appreciated, people who are defensive or bullys or can't control their temper--these people are generally viewed as losers no matter how they're dressed.

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