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June 29, 2009


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That poor girl, she's gotten by on her looks for so long that she doesn't have anything else to offer.

I laughed out loud when the girl said, "I'm young, hip, energetic, and adventurous; and I'm looking for a job that can keep up with my exciting lifestyle. If you think that you might be the opportunity that I'm looking for, you should let me know."

If I ever interview with a company that I know I don't want to work for, I'm definitely using that line.

Yeah, I lol'd. She didn't seem to get how interviews work. Obviously this sort of thing lends itself to a lot of creativity, which she didn't use either.

Methinks the girl got this and myspace confused somehow....

Anyways, just wanted to say that the second one is really impressive! Not just the qualifications, but the technical quality of the video presentation as well.

Can she flick her hair anymore than she already does?

The first one has to be a put on, right?

The first one is going to get a job working at one of those 1-900-XXX-XXXX numbers, methinks. I was just waiting for the punchline... "I love Sex" or something equally ridiculous.

Not to be too harsh but she really needs to do better.

The 2nd video was really slick. Obviously a very good production effort and some great accomplishments. Hope he gets an interview.


yes I really liked the randy elrod. Very nice presentation.

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