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July 29, 2009


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One question I haven't seen in any of the plethora of blog posts I've read about this program is: How do they determine what the MPG is of your car?

I have a 15-year-old Pontiac Bonneville that still gets surprisingly decent mileage (mid-20s highway when I last calculated), but it burns oil and it's nearing 190k miles. It's only a matter of time before it breaks down completely, and I've been thinking about looking at something new.

So, do they actually test the car you bring in to see what sort of mileage it gets? Or do they go by some kind of chart that lists "average" mileage for various makes, models and years? Or do they just rely on the good word of the person who brings in the car?

Curtis --

There's an eligible vehicle list. Check it out here:

Also be aware of dealers jacking up the price of the vehicle (or not willing to negotiate the price) due to this rebate.

anon at 1:11 PM nails it.

All this really does is take money from taxpayers and put it in the pocket of car dealers, who will now be able to charge you more for a car because of this rebate that they can wave in front of you. Just like the rebates for home improvements don't put money in the pocket of homeowners, they put money in the pocket of contractors.

So let me get this straight.

You must purchase a "ready to depreciate" BRAND NEW car for likely $20K-$40K so you can "save" up to $4,500. Which the car will promptly lose the moment you drive it away.

Wow! I wonder who this "benefits"

Where do I sign up.

The real story is how this is an enormous racket by the government and automakers to get suckers to buy new cars and trucks they don't need with money they don't have.

I drive a Paid off 'clunker' that gets 20mpg.
Why would any one want to add DEBT slavery for a car?

Nothing says math smarts like a car note of 300-500S month PLUS insurance fuel upkeep - just to 'save 3500$?
My 300-500$ goes to paid off house and real investments.

Long live car debt slavery.

I would have seriously considered buying a new econobox for 15k or so, but alas, my 1992 Dodge Caravan with 3.0L V6 (that is rusting, leaking everywhere and has a cracked windshield) gets 19 mpg in EPA combined mileage.

I guess I'll just save my money instead.

Cash for clunkers is now over... on the front page of Yahoo Finance news!

Guess the gov't is oversubscribed and hit $1 billion already!

Change you can believe in baby.


Mike --

You're cracking me up! :-)

Would this be good way to buy a few more months to hang to a vehicle? Credit cards are maxed and cedit is not very good but car payments are good. Credit on current vehicle is good, but over all credit, house, and so forth is bad.

Hi people I have a 95 gmc converion van that get 15 mpg but I also drive a older lincoln so I took the insurance off the van about six months ago to repair major problems as soon as I could aford to fix it. Thank You Mike Solis

Sorry I forgot My Question am I still eligable for cash for clunkers. Thanks World Mike

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