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July 29, 2009


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A positive attitude indeed will make one successful when he/she decide to put it in practice. A positive attitude is like having a saving account, each time you deposited a small amount inside there is growth. At the workplace each time you practice something with a positive attitude then you will always benefit from it whether it be financial or personal growth.

my boss has a very sarcastic side to him. when approaching him for guidance on an issue, there never seems to be a stright answer. it becomes a bit rediculous at times because I know it is coming. it has been a struggle for me not to throw the sarcasm back at him because i'm not sure if that is what he expects... wonder if this is a good conversation to have with him some day??

The interesting thing I observed about a former boss was that he expected very different behaviors from his personnel. As his "second in command" I was expected not to have a real opinion when he asked for one - I was to parrot the party line. If other staffers offered their (often contrarian) thoughts, he welcomed them, or acted as though the staffer provided value to the conversation. He even acted on some of their suggestions, though he'd discounted mine when they were identical.

The overriding theme I could discern was that because I indicated that I cared about my job and performance, he could take me for granted, and set about wooing the other less dedicated employees when they were blatant about putting themselves first.

It wasn't a gender-bias, but it was strange.

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