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July 08, 2009


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"Linked in" is valuable? You're kidding!

Everytime I do a Google search for someone and find someone on Linked in, there is nothing at all listed there--only their name. Sometimes some former places where they (might have) worked, but no dates about when they worked there or anything useful at all. No picture, no address, no resume, no nothing.


It all depends on what someone shares publicly. My public LinkedIn page has pretty much the same information as my resume excluding address and phone number.

I recently got linkedin to build my network as a recent grad. I really love the professionalism it provides for communicating your own personal brand. Another site that I use is that is focused on building profiles and networking for youthful career seekers.

I use LinkedIn on pretty much a daily basis during the course of my work, as do many of my co-workers. We're in a fairly dynamic industry where people move around quite a bit. It's been invaluable in keeping track of current clients, former clients, and finding prospective clients. They get to see what new things we're working on as well as events we're hosting. It took us two years to get our president to join but once he did, it only took him about a week to see what an incredibly useful tool it was. He found that many of his contacts had changed companies or positions and he hadn't been aware of it - understandable since our client data base is pretty large. I've also reconnected with a lot of former co-workers and even some relatives I'd lost track of!

I like linkedin despite being in a very non-tech field, and have hooked up with ex colleagues on it, learned more about my current colleagues' experience, gotten decent info from the groups/forums, etc. If you're a good candidate and can show it there it is certainly a good resource for job seeking - some of the recruiters who've sought me out via linkedin are useless but I have also met with a couple who are very much on the inside track and have shared useful information (and genuine opportunities, not timewasters) with me.

If anyone wants a Toronto construction economist in their linkedin network drop me a line at gmail!

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