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July 30, 2009


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Wow, congratulations! I will say that the average post quality here is very high, and I rarely, if ever, spot a spelling or grammatical mistake. A well deserved honor this is!

I think we should congratulate the WSJ for recognizing quality when it sees it.

Still...this is freakin' awesome.....NICE!!!!!!

Thanks for the kind words, guys!!!!


Great job FMF! Keep up the excellent work! Well deserved recognition.

You're in the big league now. Don't forget us little guys as you keep shooting into the troposphere.


Thanks to you all for your thoughts/words. You make this site as much as I do -- with your comments, help for readers, guest posts, etc. Thanks to you for being part of FMF!!

Congrats. Its well deserved.

That 7-figure offer is sure to come now ;-)

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