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July 15, 2009


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I've written two career-related books, and I'd say it helps. Many people express admiration when you say you've written a book, and, even if it's outside of your career area, it gives a certain credibility.

On the other hand, it's mainly an indirect effect--I haven't ever been offered a job just because of the book; and it's definitely minimal income, unless you write a best-seller.

I'd be interested to see a follow up post on this, specifically about financial blogs and books.

Some of the blogs I read have turned me off when they wrote a book. I have no problem with self-promotion, but the quality of the book just wasn't there, and it made me value their opinion less. There were others (like Ramit Sethi's book) that I really liked and enjoyed. Plus I think his was a text book example of how to promote and release a book.

How does one succeed in getting a book published? This excludes vanity presses where you pay to have your book published.

Since I run a blog for college students I would love to write a book before my college graduation aimed at people my age. I think it would be a great career move because most college students only have their GPA on their resume. The blog is one thing I would be skeptical about adding to resume because employer may feel I will waste company time to work on my blog. Any thoughts?

"Some of the blogs I read have turned me off when they wrote a book. I have no problem with self-promotion, but the quality of the book just wasn't there, and it made me value their opinion less."

I'll guess that this was directed at my own book. The purpose of that book wasn't to be some great, all-purpose personal finance book. It was intended to be very low-cost (it usually sells for $5 or less) and simply get actionable tips to people who need them. For me, the risk of "turning people off" because the book wasn't a giant revelation was fine - I'm happy to lose ten readers if I can create some positive change in one person's life. Some people need the big scope - others just need help making ends meet that week. I figured the title alone would more or less tell people if the book was relevant or not - "365 Ways to Live Cheap" makes it pretty clear what you'll find inside.

That being said, I think there are different goals for writing books for different people. Books are not a good money maker unless you sell a boatload of copies.

While I haven't written a book, I started my blog in part to capture some of my learning experiences at work. Writing does force me to do a self-examination, and this may indirectly help at the job. It does help reinforce my good habits.

Texashaze --

That's a post (or more) in and of itself. Google "how to get a book published" and similar terms and see what comes up. I'm sure there has to be lots of info out there.

For me, I've found a couple local self-published authors that I've taken to lunch and they've talked me through the basics.

Studenomist --

I have a post on blogging to get ahead coming up in a day or so. Stay tuned...

writing a book is definitely a great career move. A book can give you great business exposure and also another income source. I loved the write up. it is interesting to think a book can help with a job interview lol.
Check out Get Published TV - episodes about writing and publishing your very own book

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