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July 28, 2009


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I couldn't agree more! Even if you don't start down a brand new career path, getting fired forces you to consciously choose your next job, rather than sticking with the one you have now because it's convenient.

I was fired in August 2008 and I can honestly say it was great for my career, in numerous ways.

Great temperment to your response to this FMF.

I really dispise when the press goes and finds someone who turned tragedy into huge triumph or who made millions because he "followed his dream" or whatever it may be and then give people the impression that if he could do it anyone can.

Most people who are fired will never get anywhere near the success this person did. But sitting on your butt feeling sorry for yourself will get you very near to broke. So your response was perfect. Do something and see what you can make happen.

When you are in the position and you lose your job all feels hopeless. It's really frusterating and you feel that in spite of your best efforts, you have no control over your destiny. I've been there more than once and can tell you it hurts.

However this too shall pass. Just like when times are impossibly good, this will pass. In hindsight you may find that being laid off was just what you needed. But for sure you won't realize it at the time.


Apex/FMF - I pretty much agree with your takes on how this may be overly optimistic to consider your firing an opportunity on average. But I do think there is one situation where it is not, for those that hate their job. We've all known (or even been) that person who hates their job (generally b/c of the people they work with) for years only to, a mere months after getting fired, get another similar job minus the horrible atmosphere. Of course, this is a little too boring a story to get written up in the paper.

Stacie-- I wish you'd elaborate on your situation. How was being laid off "great" for your career? Did you changes careers altogether? Go back to school? Move? ???

Some people view their jobs as something they absolutely must have and cannot live without. They figure that if they just put in their time and don't rock the boat, all will be well. I don't call that happiness. I call that institutionalized. There's another place where you are rewarded for simply passing the time and not rocking the boat.

It's called prison.

Your job is not prison.

Getting laid off is painful in the short-term, but in the long-term, it can be like getting released from a self-imposed prison. I know because I've been there and done that.

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