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July 07, 2009


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I strongly disagree with #2.

Interviewing is absolutely a two-way street. Where did this attitude that it's a one-way street come from? Does a bad economy mean that as a job candidate I need to grovel and beg for whatever job I can possibly get? Of course not. There is a question of fit on both sides. It's perfectly acceptable for a candidate to ask questions about the role, what projects he will work on, what people he will interact with, about potential development and advancement opportunities, what the direct manager's management style is, what the company culture is like, what the company's short-term and long-term goals are and how this role fits in with that, etc, etc, etc. I actually count it against candidates if they don't ask me at least one or two token questions about the company.

I agree with all of the others, but #2 is just a HUH?????? for me.

I'm in the process of hiring 4 new staff members and I've experienced #2 first hand. I had a prospective employee if I knew what active listening was and then went on to explain that most bosses didnt, and that he wanted to work for someone that did.

Another interviewee asked me no less than a half a dozen questions about tuition reimbursement and asked that I outline the investment that the company was willing to make in her.

Well, both questions are fair - I guess, but if in an interview, I'm made to feel that you are a person that is strong headed, doesn't listen, extremely opinionated and only concerned about yourself, I'm not going to hire you - period!

If you can find a way to ask your questions so they don't give off these affects then fine.

I do find that sometimes, interviewees think that managers want people that will challenge them - and this is true - but not in the first or even second interview. Wait until you know the company wants you, and even then, ask questions in a polite manager.

opps...I meant manner - not manager.

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