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August 05, 2009


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"She's a 1st generation college student." (Nick)

What does that have to do being silly and irresponsible? I'm a first generation college student, and you best believe my FASFA was in early!

This person fits the classic notion of an "educated fool."

I am in a similar nightmare but at least I went to a top 5 school. I am confident I will be able to pay it off. I just hope sooner rather than later.

What's with the crazy sense of entitlement among working-class youths? College is not for everybody, and no-one is entitled to a middle class lifestyle. She had so many other options- she could have gotten married, she could have earned a cosmetology degree for much less $$$. Her and a husband could, over the years, have saved enough money to put their son through school and live out their dreams that way. But instead she decided to screw her whole family and put them through a financial rollercoaster just because she thought she *deserved* a better life. Sorry honey, not everybody gets to live like those kids in the OC. If you actually *deserved* a college education, someone would have noticed you in high school and hooked you up with scholarship money. Enjoy your $7.25 an hour at the bowling alley hot dog stand; hope you're too busy to think about the family you destroyed in your quest to fail your way towards a bullshit degree. ^_^

What's really sad about this? Not many colleges offer their students any kind of real financial guidance beyond "get the FAFSA in on time."

My wife started working right out of high school, and we make about the same salary. While I have been able to use my degree to earn a little bit more per year, she had a four year head start on me, and no student loans. If you're really passionate and smart, you can find a job that will develop you and let you grow into the kind of paycheck that some recent college grads think they're automatically going to get.

I have a friend that is going to college for her BA in Business. She is a part-time student, taking two classes per semester. She has been back in college for a little over a year now and has failed two classes, called on Friday to drop her current class and take another F - yet she still is collecting government funds and student loans. I have called the school to find out how she can fail and still get money - they said she can do it several times! I think they make it to easy to get money. I think they need to look at things like the person's ability to pay back the money [my friend is 55 years old - she will never be able to pay the money back!] In fact she purchased a house last year [$60,000 on a $9.50 per hour job - the bank told her that she needed to get her pervious student loans deferred for one year before they could loan her the money for the house - that's so stupid! She will never be able to work long enough to pay for her house, car, and student loans - yet they keep giving her money! They need to make things harder and make the students prove where the money is going cause I know that my friend spends it on car payments, stove & frig, washer & dryer, paint for her house, to make credit card payments - everything but college! I'm sick of it! Thanks for listening to my rant :-)

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