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August 05, 2009


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Regardless, very interesting entry.

Thanks for sharing, good citizen!

Well, this is a cash business, so they are probably not paying a lot of taxes. $62k post-tax in California is probably over $90k pre-tax.

....doubtful that their tax burden is very high (i.e. they really make more like 100k)

It works as long as you don't get sued for infringing the intellectual property of Marvel or DC or whoever.

Not reporting cash earned from tips is technically tax evasion. They're no match for the villainous machinations of the IRS if they get caught.

I don't know about California's state income tax, but federal income tax brackets are the same regardless of what state you are in.

So, how will they foil the evil, diabolical mastermind known as the IRS? Tune in next time, same super time, same super channel, for another exciting episode of Super Herooooo Confessions!

They have people who do this at the flea market (in Houston) on weekends. $5 or something and your kids get a polariod(or similar). I assume they must make okay money since they are there all the time.

Superheros don't need to pay taxes. Afterall, if they get caught and thrown in jail....they're superheros, they can just break down the wall and escape!

Thanks for the comic relief for the day!

Why not. Time Square tourists pay to have their picture taken with a long-haired guy in a cowboy hat and tighty-whities playing a guitar.

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