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August 17, 2009


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Thank you so very much for sharing these calculators. It's interesting to see the real cost of so many major life issues. I'm sure I'll be visiting this site again and again...


Sweet! It says I ought to live until I'm 86!

Damn! I've got to start saving $16,000 a year to have a $40,000 annual retirement income.

Good thing I'm only 22...

Thanks for the links to the Moving/Housing calculators. We've been looking at Cedar Rapids real estate, and trying to decide if it's the right time to move. What do you think? How is the market in that part of Iowa?

No debt calculators?

I like moving/housing calculators. A lot! Even more now. i was looking for Newburyport homes for sale and I'm all ready to move. I found the best Newbury port real estate ( you should check it out, BEAUTIFUL) and I'm super excited to move!

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