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August 16, 2009


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Quote FMF: "[we view our giving as] investing/saving it for heaven (not to mention the earthly gains we get -- which we've discussed here previously.)"

If I'm reading you correctly, you're talking about giving in this life to be rewarded in the next, heaven. Although I consider myself Christian (the free-thinking kind), I've never looked at it this way. The way I see it is that what you call heavenly and earthly rewards are in fact one and the same thing. When Jesus says "my father will reward you" he is referring to the satisfaction that comes from doing well for other people. Why he didn't say so in plain English: nobody would have bought it. Now that I think about it, he probably did use that plain English, but his successors rephrazed it to make it catch. As a marketing exec, FMF will understand that. ;-)

Back to topic: I do believe that giving gives more satisfaction than spending. I don't mean giving to a large anonymous organization, I mean giving in a way that you see you've made a difference in someone's life.

I do love how every week we get commenters that love to think the worst of you, FMF, specifically and Christians in general (apparently the non free-thinking kind). Feel the love!


Darin --

Yeah, that's what makes these posts "fun". :-)


So this is the "fun" of The Bible And Money. Okay, so now I have experienced it, too :-)

For the record: I'm all for The Bible And Money. I love different angles. Actually, I had hoped to see some real comments here. Later perhaps?

Concojones --

I wasn't talking about your comment, just to be clear. :-)

We'll see on the comments later. My guess is that many people were out enjoying the last parts of summer this weekend (and will be the next few as well.) Things (and comments) will likely pick up in September once we all get back from vacation. ;-)

ERA? Serious? One things I always notice is these Sunday 'The Bible and Money' rarely... if ever, give reasonable advice about money and finances. It is merely based on Morals and Christian teachings. So I usually read the Sunday posts for some facepalms...

But regardless, to express your faith and mix it with your love of finances, I have to give respects. Even if its teachings based off of a book written over 1000 years ago, translated 2389572895 times, and written in storybook form.

...and score! We have a winner!!!!!!!!

Aren't you a little concerned that God may regard charity given out of expectation of reward, as opposed to love of God and your fellow human, to be not charity at all?

I don't believe that pure altruism is a state of mind attainable by many humans for any length of time, but surely that is what we should be aiming at?

Sarah --

I understand what you're saying and must admit that it's not a simple issue to explain clearly. I believe that we should give with open hearts to show our love to God and others. And I also believe that God rewards those who do so. How those two work together may remain a mystery in this life.

Give me money, give me green,
and heaven you will meet.
Make a contribution
and you'll get a better seat.

I do the right thing, I pray for help! I love my family, My family loves me! We Don't have the money to help people, But we help people in many other ways.
I thank God for All that He's done! I got sick and can't work, now we are losing our home to only $7,000
in taxes. We have not got help at all, We pray together all the time and not one church or Godly person helped us at all! We are willing to pay you back over time. IS THERE HELP OUT THERE!! please help us. Thank you for the blessing! with Love [email protected] Believe me We are thankful for All God's Helpers

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