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August 28, 2009


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It really doesn't matter anymore, since (as you said) most resumes are electronic now. My wife works in HR, she finds the colored paper, and/or really nice paper is actually annoying. People have gotten used to looking at resumes on the computer or printing them our themselves on plain white copy paper. Not that I would send in plain white copy paper resume if I was snail-mailing it, but the crest watermark advice is just a waste of money - just buy some paper that is a little heavier than copy.

You did miss one thing: having something on the resume worth reading. That counts, too.

I agree completely! I just hired four new staff members. We put ads online to advertise. I only got one resume in the mail. You better know that I read it completely.

I think people depend on email but don't realize that in the electronic age, usps could actually distingush them from the competition.

Unfortunately the person that mailed the application wasn't qualified for the job, but I did think it was an excellent way to get her resume read!

It should be on nice coordinated paper. The crest is a way the paper company shows quality. I think it's nice but certainly not required. As long as it's on nice paper, no typos and the envelope matches, it will say that the applicant has some attention to detail.

This is a great reminder about the little details that are often overlooked.

Even if you e-mail your resume, you need to have a paper copy for the interview. So, no matter what, you have to have paper copies handy. I actually prefer the watermark as well, but I agree, it's not going to make or break your resume. Nice paper, clean font, no typos and consistency are the most important things.

General rule: any company that cares whether or not my resume paper has a watermark is not a company I want to work for.

All good advice. I have one small add on. Spell checking, do a human proof read; preferably by someone other than the writer. I would go so far as to suggest a slow out loud reading. The eye/brain can overlook mis spellings like "there/their and than/then"

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