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August 30, 2009


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Poor men in this country traditionally have been considered unmarriageable; unsurprisingly they have a low marriage rate.

Now how "rich" are they really?

Preached this morning on Luke 14-the great Banquet text, where the poor are welcomed because those with property are too busy to accept the invitation of God.

It is another one of those 'uncomfortable teachings about the poor' the run throughout the Bible.

God is so good...

Thanks again for posting such a powerful message. We all need to be reminded sometimes of just how fortunate we really are.

I've followed your site for quite some time and really admire the effort you put into it... Still, I have to wonder... isn't there an inherent contradiction in writing a financial blog about "growing your net worth" at the same time you're saying the poor are richer than 90% of people on earth? Really? Then why isn't your blog about giving away wealth and becoming richer in spirit? Again, I love your site but that comment struck me as one of those patronizing things people say once they've found material wealth along with their God...

Also, how is it powerful to help because we expect to be rewarded? Isn't that inherently selfish? That's like giving to charities and taking off the deduction on your taxes... and then expecting to be blessed for it. Wouldn't an all-powerful God see beyond such self-interest?


John78 --

It all works together. I must admit, it's a difficult balance and can seem contradictory, but here's my take on the wealth versus giving combination:

*Spend significantly less than you earn
*Save and invest a portion of the difference
*Have no/little debt
*Give a good portion away

This is what I do and what I've been advocating here for over four years. At this point, I have 166 posts on giving and it's always been a part of this blog.

As far as giving it all away, I'm not a proponent of either material excess -- either accumulating untold fortunes or giving everything away so that you live in poverty as well. That's why you see more of the middle-of-the-road approach here.

As far as eternal rewards, I must admit that the concept seems unusual. But if you study the issue and see what the Bible says about it, it seems pretty clear to me that there are eternal rewards for good works (giving among them.) I'm not the one who wrote the book -- I'm just trying to follow what it says. ;-)

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