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September 01, 2009


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I've had similar experiences when looking to go to "attractions" in a given area. It seems like a lot of places have great deals for locals who will frequent the places more than one time.

Here's a strategy I like to use when I hit attractions while travelling. I talk to a few people from the area, there are usually places to get deals. For instance, I like to snow ski. If I go to Colorado, there are a lot of places that offer discounted lift tickets and rental equipment in the towns on the way to the slopes. These often save me money $$ and time (fewer lines). It's usually the worth the effort to stop and ask.

My husband and I are members of our local zoo. While we don't get to go all that often, it pays for itself very quickly, especially now that they started charging for parking this year! (Members park for free.) It's nice to go for a visit, walk around and feed the koi and not feel guilty if we don't see everything or spend the whole day, since the cost per visit is so minimal already.

My favorite money-saver when visiting extended family who live in major cities: borrow *their* family membership pass cards to get in free/reduced price to museums, zoos, science centers, etc.

Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford are great! My wife and I went a couple of years back. Now that we have our son, we look forward to going more frequently probably beginning next year when he can enjoy it a little more (he's only three months).

The Henry Ford is a great attraction, does not get the attention it deserves because it is in Metro Detroit.

We also buy a family zoo membership each year, pays for itself on the second visit!

Beagle --

We heard they have a nice holiday event on weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we'll probably go back then.

I have always wanted to go there but haven't yet. Did they provide you with a statement re: how much of your membership is deductible? Typically, if there is any deductibility, I think it would be the amount of your membership minus the value of the goods and services you receive in exchange for the membership. Even if only a percentage is deductible, it is still a better deal, financially, than just walking up and paying general admission prices. Thanks for sharing this tip!

Rich --

I'm assuming it will be in the "welcome" letter (that we haven't received yet) -- that's what Meijer Gardens does and I'm guessing it will be the same here.

National Parks/Monuments: If you or your parents are old enough (I think 55 or 60), they can get lifetime passes which are pretty inexpensive and allow them to bring guests (don't remember if the guests have to be related). Much cheaper than paying general admission and they get to keep it forever.


They have some great things in December, you are right, definitely worth a trip.

I went to Universal Studios Burbank with the wife a few years ago. While we were mulling over paying the ticket price of $59 each and using the $10 coupon we had a medium sized Hispanic family came up to us and asked us if we needed to buy 2 tickets... I asked how much and he replied $20.

I looked at the ticket and it looked legit although it was a bar code ticket and was going to give the guy $40 when it occurred to me that he wanted $20 for two as he had extras from a family promotion option. I paid him but told him I'm entering with you discreetly so if there was any problems we could sort it out.

That saved $100 for the both of us and it was a good time!

So keep your eyes open, sometimes you get lucky...


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