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September 17, 2009


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The toenail one cracked me up! I like the excerpts you've been posting from this book.

HA! Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory. Probably why it helps his headache! Too funny...

Is this stuff all serious? I can't tell! At first I thought it was a joke, then I thought it was serious, now I'm not sure!

These remedies and many more can be found on pages 1424-28 of the Obamacare bill.

Of course there are plenty of simple home remedies for commonplace problems...these problems get better on their own, even. The problem is that the US is filled with lazy simpleton's who incessantly beg their doctor for prescription meds to relieve these piddly problems. Believe me when I say it's easier to get on with the rest of your day by just giving the fools their much-desired magic potion instead of trying to sway their fixed beliefs.

Perhaps some effort should be funneled towards educating these idiots, particularly the ones who think antibiotics are the magic bullet for all their maladies.

I think the remedy portion of this article is mostly off. Some old wives tales do work.. some don't. But I think the first part was right on. The stuff about our health care system..."basically a legalized mafia that shakes down customers for ridiculous sums of protection money.....the way the healthcare system stifles creativity and simplicity in medicine in favor of impersonality and maintaining the bottom line." ..... Our system makes health care expensive. We could have more doctors. Less demand for them would help lower cost. But our med schools keep 2/3 of those that want to be doctors out of it. Also the AMA lobbies to keep control in area's where they are not needed. You can bet that if aspiran was just being invented today. The AMA would make sure that you would have to see a Dr before you could get a prescription for it. Also..they make us pay a specialist for everything. If you hurt your hand and need an X-Ray. You'll have to pay your Dr first to order the Xray. Then a Radiologist to read the Xray. Now I respect the talent of some Docs... But do I need to pay a radiologist 60 bucks to tell me if I have a fracture of my hand... No... Most any Xray tech would be able to see if you had a fracture or not. They could provide that service for much less. Also, the average nurse could tell you what you need to do for the flu. They would even be smart enough to know you need an xray of your hand if you injured it. We need to get away from this idea that only a doctor knows what to do. Let them handle the tuff stuff. Leave the small things to the enough but less educated and cheaper people. 90 percent of what is seen in an emergency room or clinic could be handled by non doctors... That could really cut down on our health care cost.

Health care costs could be fixed in a jiffy if the US simply outlawed ALL Health insurance companies and required people to pay for all of their health care needs out of their own pocket. The prices that hospitals and drug companies currently charge would drop dramatically (possibly as much as 90%) which would enable people to pay the costs. It's not rocket science.
I arrived at the 90% figure based on a hospital visit for a heart issue my wife had. The total bill was $38,000. But my insurance only paid $3800 or 10% of the bill as full payment. I have seen this same scenario over and over. It's a shame that no one has ever considered the idea.

Duct tape is true, I tell my patients that all the time. And yes, people come to see me about their warts. Seriously. Colds too. And mosquito bites. My office has been overflowing with flu patients for the last 6 weeks or so. What happened to treating yourself at home? Honestly. I see mainly medicaid patients, but I bet if they had to pay a $30 copay or cash out of pocket, they wouldn't be taking up all of my appointment slots with piddly matters, making the sickest patients upset that they can't get an appointment. Yet, when I want to purchase medical insurance for my small group, a family rate is $1872 per month! Yikes! And now the government wants to tax this plan because it's expensive??? I didn't ask for it to be expensive! Can you tell I'm a fed up doc?

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