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September 15, 2009


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That's a riot! I love his analysis on taking the right approach and the strategy of it all. What a hoot!

It's people like this that make the sample experience not so fun for the rest of us with manners.

Cory, I think you missed the humor here. I'm fairly certain the author is exaggerating his own actions for the sake of a good read.

I love it it! Homeless people may have to read this post to survive the hard times.

Very amusing! There are some truth in this story, but the manner as to how we should do it should be taken with a grain of salt. It's indeed a good read.
My Well Of wealth

Personally, I'd rather do anything other than spend time hanging out at Sam's club for the dubious reward of eating a 'meal' of warmed over, processed junk food. Yuck!

Buying food for yourself to cook at home is one of the cheapest things ever. Sitting down and sharing a nice meal with friends is one of the essential pleasures of being human.

If you can't afford to eat lunch on the weekend, why not just eat a piece of fruit and go for a walk while you wait until dinner? You probably don't need the calories anyway.

Funny, I guess, but enduring the screaming kids and everything else that goes along with Costco to fight a scrum for a "meal" of cups of nasty yoghurt and microwaved ready meals doesn't seem like a good use of time to me.

On the other hand I got a "lunch" of slices of different types of Ontario apples, cheese and some homemade cherry strudel a few weeks ago at the farmers' market. Still not sure that qualifies as a meal but it was nice.

If they guy even comes close to actually behaving the way he says he does, he's a pig.

For those with a Harris Teeter nearby, their sampling totally rocks. Produce, service deli, cheese & bakery sections.

The sample "bubbles" are unmanned, but for some reason I've never witnessed anyone taking unreasonable advantage.

Y'all just need to relax and take this for what it is, a comical read. I will say however that when I do observe do observe someone swooping in for the kill, and even cutting in line, it's usually the "sweet' little old ladies who don't give a hoot what you think of them. And if you try to outmaneuver them, you'll quickly get the death stare.

That was a hilarious tongue-in-cheek article! We go to Sams and/or Costco most every Saturday with our five kids...and we eat a lot of samples! But we also buy a lot of food there...especially the organic/natural/no nitrates stuff at Costco.

Taking the kids to eat the samples is a great and cheap way to discover what they like. Nothing worse than buying/making something that no one will enjoy.

I've never felt like I was taking advantage of the system. The food servers have come to recognize us and we chat with them a bit. And the whole reason they're there is to get us to buy their food. It obviously works or they'd stop doing it.

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