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September 14, 2009


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I'm not sure about the department store cosmeticians. Their job is to sell you as much stuff as they have behind the counter.

Looks, social skills, IQ, financial status - we all get what we get at birth. It all matters (why wouldn't it, what employer wouldn't expect better performance from a Good looking, well adjusted, financially secure, intelligent employee), so time, awareness, and effort spent on both our prime attributes (as well as our shortcomings, which is more rare and more difficult to face) in all of these areas will increase our chance for success greater than another evening of watching TV.

An ugly duckling with a great attitude, team spirit, fantastic work ethic and terrific skills becomes considerably more attractive than the beautiful swan nothing else to offer. Eye candy wears thin when you're trying to get the job done.

I laughed when I saw the title, but the chuckles faded to seriousness as I read on. Indeed, it's very important to continue to develop as a good employee, and even self-employed must to keep improving their network and client base.

this is really insensitive. i hope you will not market this post "to all the ugly people out there" and in any case your definition of ugliness is relative(ever heard of the saying- one man's meat is another man's poison?) but i respect the openness

I think that these are important tips for anyone. The idea that attractive people get ahead more easily is probably only true to a degree. For women at least, sometimes the more attractive (or feminine) a woman is, the less likely she is to be taken seriously and given promotions, etc.

I would market these tips to everyone. Dressing like you take your job seriously is applicable no matter what you look like. Smoking can make even beautiful people look worn and nasty. And a little self-development never hurt anyone.

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