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September 16, 2009


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interesting point with the credit card thing. If you are moving for a job than yes this makes sense, if you're not then I dont think it's wise. I love ur blogs though, easy to read and good info!

When it comes to the "compensation" part of a job interview, that can be a good time to request relocation money. Don't phrase it as an "advance", just phrase it as part of the total compensation package. A lot of employers expect such things and budget for them.

And, of course, friends and family can often spare some cash to help ease the transition. A few years back, my brother was trying to move his family across the country (reversing a rather foolish move they'd made before) but couldn't get together the cash to do it. I gave him a decently sized Christmas check explicitly marked "for moving expenses", and they moved shortly thereafter. As a grad student, I didn't have a lot of extra income, but getting my brother into a better situation was worth what I did have.

The best thing to do is make sure you are hiring a reputable and trusted mover. So many moving companies out there just want to rip you off. Do some research and find a company with references or a BBB listing, that should help

My suggestion on the actual moving is to look into a POD. They deliver a container to you (various sizes are available), you fill it up, they pick it up, store it and deliver it to you at your new location. I LOVED that I could walk into it at street level-no ramp, no steps! The price was good, too. Not as cheap as DIY, probably, but less than a moving company. Definitely worth checking out.

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