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September 09, 2009


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I know of a friend that complains about a co-worker that talks a good bit. The perception from higher management is that he is competent and a go-getter. The perception from those at his level or below is that he offers up things that are impossible, undoable or incompetent, given reality. Not in all cases, but in many.
So it is funny, because it comes back to branding and creating an image of what you want people to think of when they think of you. Obviously there is a risk. In this case, it works for the top, which, arguably, is where it counts. But, no one wants anyone to think them a fool. And enough people are thinking that, again, in this scenario. we will see.............
My take away from the piece is that one can benefit from being heard by peers and superiors, but it shouldn't be done on the fly. Approach speaking out thoughtfully, and take steps, and probably key, do so in an effort to obtain success for the group and yourself.

Yes people love to talk. If the way you talk, like asking questions, invites others to talk, you are doing well. Everyone wants to feel valued thinks their ideas are important. Being an instrument for better teamwork reflects well on you.

I agree with J's second paragraph. Choose your words wisely. That requires you to pause before speaking, or sometimes not say anything until you can, rethink, or be sure of how it will be received. I'm a pretty talkative person but find myself in many business meetings where I don't say much, sometimes nothing at all (sometimes because I have no clue about the details of the subject matter!). More often though, if I'm in a situation where I'm usure what to say I take the approach of asking for clarification or for someone to summarize the actions, etc.

In all the jobs that I had, all tehe xtroverts, even if they were fools, advanced a lot more than introverts, even if these were genious.

I would say management likes people who are out there. And some times it seems that how well you perform your job and get positive results is secondary to how well you sell yourself.

It's a bit like the spiral of silence to me:

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