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September 05, 2009


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I want to read more when I retire.

Am I naive to think that I will be able to go out to eat a lot, develop a richer social life, travel around the world, and volunteer in the church/community?

I fully retired at 47; my "schedule" floats...I workout more and when I want, travel around with day, weekend and a couple "long trips" (flying) a year, enjoy more happy hours, and spend a lot of time w/ my "computer hobby": diamond mind baseball. I have NO cable tv so actually watch less since I don't "need" the news/financial channels as I did in my working life as a financial planner. Even tend to the yard a bit! Go to bed later, sleep later, enjoy cofffee more,etcv., it's a GREAT way of life and I'm only 49 1/2! Lots more plans and plenty of time for 'em (all the tax defferred monies come windfalling in starting age 59 1/2 so that TRIPLES+ my current retirement income in 10 years!! Wrok VERY hard when young does mean you miss a lot but, have a LOT of time to make it up later if healthy!

I'd like to go hiking a lot and spend time painting pictures. Also, have friends over and cook, sit around the fire, drink wine, read a lot of books. And I'd like to live on the coast--right on the ocean. (I'm stuck in the Midwest right now, sigh.) And maybe once a year spend 2 wks in NYC, Paris, or London to take in some culture.

I probably won't travel much otherwise. I've already traveled all over the world for work, and I'm kind of "over" all the "I can't believe I'm actually standing in front of the pyramids in Egypt! I can't believe I'm looking at the Eiffel Tower in person! OMG, let's take a picture!" stuff.

Seriously, wherever you go, there you are and that's all there is to it. And anywhere you go, you'll just encounter the same kind of pickpockets, paramilitary, buggy hotels, junky souveniers, overpriced tourist traps, and fellow tourists. If you want to understand the culture of another country, stay home and read about it.

I volunteer in my free time now as a assisitant jail chaplain. I am praying that God will provide the opportunity to be a full time chaplain in the future. What a GREAT way to spend your retirement years, helping others who have made such a mess of their lives get them back on track, and recieve healing and salvation from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

So many things and so little time!

Go back to school, but not pay for it! Who cares about the degree but it would be great to audit some physics and philosophy classes.

I can't imagine not working but it would be nice to be able to choose what you want regardless of pay. A little woodwork, build a house, teach kids to sail, maybe some welding, help the disabled, aid the unfortunate and read a ton!

As a guy: Active fitness life style (walking, cardio, weights), fishing, gardening, travel, keeping tabs on our money, budgeted recreational gambling.

This question plagues me.

I love what I do. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it.

I hope I never retire.

Why would I do something during the day just so I could stop doing it? If you dislike your job, find something else you love doing and do it instead. Don't wait to be happy.

Our local soup kitchen can use me, as can the food pantry. I am joyful when I can help.

I hope to travel the world for as long as I can. I take a 6 week vacation every year to South East Asia or India and hope see even more of these places. I also hope to see Europe, Africa, South America and also some of the vast part of the US that I have not yet seen.

Finance Junkie - not sure what "as a guy" means - those activities would appeal to many of the women I know.

Anyway, I guess I plan to turbocharge what I already do in my free time. So attend night classes, but also classes offered during the day; not travel more than I do - we go away a lot - but extend our vacations and take advantage of last minute deals; long lunches with friends and family; work out more and with the freedom to try different activities; read the paper in the garden or at a coffee shop every morning instead of just sundays; volunteer more and with more flexibility; learn more languages or read more in the foreign languages I already know; never rush home from the horse races/a movie/whatever because we have to be up early in the morning; participate in every city festival and free event going. And most importantly take every meal at a dining table of some sort ie never eat at a desk again!

(jeffinwesternwa, your retirement sounds lovely!)

I am going to move to Mexico and retire there. I went there the week after Christmas and had a great time. I also found that condos there were very cheap- $100,000 could get me a great place, right on the water.

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