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September 11, 2009


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When I'm almost out of a tube of hand lotion, I cut off the bottom (by the crimp) and scoop lotion out. Then when that's all gone, I cut off the other end (where the cap is) and do the same thing. Finally, I slice down one of the sides with my scissors and scoop out what's left. Hand lotion left when I'm done with it - 0%. :)

I do the same thing with toothpaste.

Cut open the container to gain access to the remaining product - should work for most items, esp. toothpaste.

Install a vice in the bathroom. Then when the kids throw something in the trash, pull it out and show them how much you are able to squeeze out of it and point out how wasteful they are for not using all of it. The kids will love you when you do this.

I don't buy the lotion in the pump bottles any more. Yeah, the price per unit is better (because the pump bottles are bigger), but it is such a pain to get the last 25% out of the bottle! The pump doesn't want to work, 'cause there's not enough stuff in there, and then you can't exactly turn it upside down so that it flows to the top.

I figure I may be paying slightly more per unit, but I'm probably wasting a lot less!

Add a little water. Shake.

I hate seeing that little bit of hand soap at the bottom of the bottle that I just can't get out no matter how hard I pump. Thanks for the link to tips!

I learned how much toothpaste I was wasting when I got married. I threw out what I thought was a completely-used tube of toothpaste when my showed me that we still had a few days-worth left. She showed me this trick of holding the toothpaste like you would a syringe and you push the remaining bits out by pushing with your thumb.

I always keep some distilled water on hand to dilute creams, soaps, shampoos and condiments. I add some of the distilled water when the bottle is getting low and I never have a problem with wasting any product. The distilled water is safer, particularly for food.

Oh, I also store all ketchups and squeeze bottle mayo top-side down in the refrigerator. As for the liquid detergent, just keep it top-side down when you are down to only a cap full or so.. then also add water from the washing machine into the jug for a final "dump" of soapy water into the wash.

Now, if I could only get my DH to follow in Brent's example for toothpaste! :-)

I like my hand lotion in a pump bottle--lots easier to use.

So when the pump stops working because the lotion is getting low, I just take off the top and pour in a new bottle of lotion. If you balance the new bottle on top of the old bottle for a few hours, you end up with everything in the old bottle.

Toss the new bottle (now empty), replace the pump, and keep going with the old bottle.

This also works well with those ginormous sized hand lotion bottles sold at Sam's club--that are so hard to use. And obviously, buying your lotion in the biggest bottle possible reduces waste anyway. Just keep dumping any size bottle of lotion into your favorite sized pump bottle and use it that way.

For toothpaste tubes--not worth the trouble? It takes me 3 months to go through one, so losing 1 or 2 days' worth of product saves me, oh a big half a cent or so. Not worth worrying about.

Now if I could just do something about my addition to Clinique skin care products....!

I buy dish soap at my local Fleet Farm (think TSC or Menards) in a gallon jug. It costs about $4.74 and I refill the empty Dawn bottle that I bought more than two years ago. We do the same for hand dispensers. I never worry about not getting enough out.

buy a bigger size, mostly it is cheaper (per unit), plus wastage is usually a fixed amount (not %), which translates to lower %...

I hate to admit it but I do what Susan suggests. I cut the back of the toothpast tube open and then dig out the rest of the toothpaste through that bigger opening. I keep it airtight with a paper clip. Sometimes I get toothpaste for a week out of the "empty" tube.

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