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October 28, 2009


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I am reader from Bangalore, India. One of my friend in US, had mentioned about your personal finance site. I make it a point to read your articles every week and also read the archives.

I appreciate the fact that you write some generic articles about money management, tips for saving and power of compounding. I don't invest directly in the stock market, but do 'Systematic Investments' every month, where 18 % of my salary gets invested into 5 different funds.

Also, me and my wife are saving the maximum we can, as we have dreams (plans as well) to buy a house by 2010 April/may.

I highly appreciate your good work and keep blogging !!!


Knowledge is power and a little more knowledge is a little more power.

While I can't say I'd read them all, I do have some relatives and friends I could pass them on to. For instance,

25 Ways to Make College Pay Off - My Sister-in-Law is about to shuffle one of two kids off to academia and she hasn't read this book yet, but like me, figures more info is better.

Managing Brand You - My Brother could really use this book. I gave him "7 Habits" and he seemed to appreciate it, so, considering he is new to consulting, this book could come in handy.

Make Your Contacts Count - As I also contract and consult, I could use this one and when I am done with it, off it goes to my brother.

The Complete Guide to Investing in Index Funds - I am a disciple of the Bogles and William Bernstein, so this is right up my alley.

The Levity Effect - I know a few former co-workers who would appreciate this book; and a few former bosses who wouldn't understand it.

Girl on Top - I've got a niece that is about to graduate from College and go on to the corporate morass that is New York, so I think this would come in handy for her.

No Limits - Again, both my brother and I could be reminded about all the positive reasons for going it alone.

America, Welcome to the Poorhouse - Wow. Where to begin. While I have perused this book at a local bookstore and feel that it fits with my personal and political views, and I have already implemented - long ago - some of the suggestions in the book, I know so many people that could use this book right now, it is hard to decide who would benefit the most from it.

Thanks for passing them along and have a Happy Holiday!

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